10 Easy Life Hacks That Will Benefit Your Health

desk with oil diffuser and jewelry holder by carly weinstein of au courant life

As a 22-year-old, I am the first to admit I can be lazy at times.

Laziness isn’t just a 20-year-old issue- it’s a human issue. We all have days where we feel lazy, and wish we could skip through our tasks. With that said, I am constantly thinking of ways to shortcut my everyday chores so that I can save time and focus on other things. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come up with a list of the 10 things I do the most frequently in order to maintain my mental and physical health. Although there are tons of ways to “hack” your life, today I am focusing on the ones that have an emphasis on health and well-being.

health hacks by carly weinstein of au courant life
  1. keep extra makeup remover in nightstand

    An easy way to prevent anti-aging and maintain healthy skin is to remove your makeup at night!! I know we all have nights where we forget or don’t feel like it, so I always keep a spare makeup remover in the drawer next to my bed. This way, I never have an excuse not to take off my makeup.

  2. utilize the bedtime app on iphone

    For years now I have been using the bedtime app located in “Clocks” on my iPhone. You are able to log what time you go to sleep, and can set an alarm to wake you up too. It tracks your hours every night, and sets reminders for you when it’s time to go to bed. This has been the best way to track my sleep so that I always make sure I get enough hours. I aim for 7-8 hours a night, and I recommend doing the same.

  3. use essential oils at night

    Essential oils have tons of benefits depending on the ingredients. I love using flavors like lavender, orange, chai, and eucalyptus. Using them before bed with a diffuser can help promote sleep and prevent headaches, anxiety, and more. Learn more about essential oils here.

  4. listen to podcasts during your commute

    Podcasts are not only for entertainment, they also save time. I love listening to podcasts to educate myself on literally any subject I’m interested at the moment. Learning new things actually stimulates memory, brain sharpness, and even prevents dementia. I love listening to Optimal Living Daily, The Ultimate Health Podcast, and Ted Radio Hour, among others. Learn more about the benefits of learning here.

  5. add in an extra veggie during one meal

    Sometimes getting enough nutrients in can actually feel like a chore. To avoid that feeling, I always make sure I add in one extra green, e.g. kale, spinach, broccoli at some point during the day. It is common to feel fatigued or run down, and many times this can be due to lack of iron or calcium. By adding in an extra vegetable each day, you can prevent these symptoms from occurring and boost your health in general.

  6. write notes

    We’ve all had moments where we forget important tasks or ideas, mostly because we just didn’t write them down. Because of this, I use my notes app every day to list everything I have to do, or write down any ideas I have. You can always use an old-fashioned notebook as well! Whatever you can keep on hand as you go.

  7. use makeup with spf

    This is probably one of my favorite hacks of all. Even in the winter, your skin is still at risk of sun damage which can lead to aging and skin cancer. Instead of having to deal with putting on sunscreen, I always make sure I buy a foundation that already has sunscreen in it. This allows you to skip a step in your morning routine, and save money on products. I recommend using It Cosmetics, Covergirl, or the one I use, Bare Minerals.

  8. ginger. shots.

    This past summer I became completely obsessed with ginger shots, and for good reason. They are such a simple and quick way to soothe any stomach issues, and can also help boost your immune system. My favorite brand to drink is KOR, and I buy them at my local grocery store. This brand adds an extra zing of cayenne in the shots, which makes me feel alert and awake when I need a pick-me-up. Learn more about the benefits of ginger shots here.

  9. put a quote as your phone background

    Having a dose of positivity in your day is so important to remain happy and at peace with life. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick reminder to take a bad moment and make it a little better. I always keep a quote as my background on my phone, and I change it depending on what I need as inspiration at the time. Check out my Pinterest to see some of my creations and other quote inspo.

  10. shower time = mindfulness moment

    Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to practice mindfulness. However, it is so important to incorporate some type of meditation into your daily routine. If I ever am having a crazy day, I simply use that 5 or 10 minutes of shower time as meditation. I try to clear my mind, not overthink, and give myself a clean slate.