Holiday Makeup Tutorial

In honor of the Holidays finally being here, I decided to share a great look for any dinner or party you might have coming up. This tutorial is simple and doesn't require too much time which is what I love about it. The gold tones and purple lips make it the perfect look for this time of year!

Using the beauty blender, I blended in the foundation which is by Clinique in the shade Golden Neutral. I added my concealer which is made by my favorite brand It Cosmetics in light shade as shown above. 

I added a basic pressed powder by It Cosmetics in a light shade onto her face to blend the concealer and then finished it off with a bronzer by Almay.


To fill in her brows, I used a basic brown eyeliner by NYX and put some of it on a small brush then slowly brushed it across her brows until blended in. I used the white eyeshadow from the The Nudes palette by Maybelline for the base coat and then spread it to her entire lid including below the brow for a highlight effect.

I blended Buck from the original Naked palette into the outer crease of her eye, working my way in to create a smokey eye.

I then took Darkhorse from the Naked palette and again added it into her crease and blended it out until it looked smooth. I also used the light gold shade from The Nudes by Maybelline and put it in the inside of her lid into the corner of her tear ducts as well as the underneath of her eye.

To finish it all off, I used the shade Naked from the Naked palette all over the lid to blend everything together.

For her eyeliner, I used a black gel liner by Maybelline. My best tip to perfect your top liner is to make small dashes across your eye starting in the middle and then working your way to the inside, and then to the outside. I also used white eyeliner by NYX on her waterline to brighten her up. 

Lastly, for the lips I blended together the shades "A Different Grape" and "Watermelon" both by Clinique.


The final look turned out great! Thanks for checking this out & be sure to share with friends on Facebook or Pin it if you enjoyed! Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday :)