Girl's Guide to Choosing the Right Bathing Suit


Choosing a bathing suit for vacation is difficult for most people, because each girl has their own unique body shape and skin tone as well as their own style. 

For this occasion, I used my sister as my muse. Chloe is very young. Seventh grade to be exact; but with that said, she is at the perfect age to start experimenting with personal style, and choosing things that are unique and tie together. Since she has an olive skin tone, she decided to go with a bikini that is brightly-colored to really bring out that tan color. The ruffled top is the perfect look for her because it is youthful and compliments her sporty figure. Lastly, accessories are everything, and she went the perfect route by accessorizing with a pair of circular blue mirrored shades. The way that she put together different colors and patterns is the perfect example of how you can take any outfit and keep it simple with minimal accessories yet still have it look detailed. Use Chloe's style as an inspiration next time you are looking for a bathing suit.

Accessorize accordingly, dress for your body, and use the color that compliments your skin tone and you will be on your way to finding the perfect suit.