Vacation Series: Beach & Pool Wear

In honor of me being on vacation for the week, I decided it would be completely necessary to share one of my looks from each day so that you can get a taste of what type of style I have been going for lately. It is still mixed, but as time goes on I definitely have been falling more towards the classic/chic and minimalistic category. At times I throw in pieces of different styles, but I think that is all part of being an individual and developing a signature look.

For the first post of my vacation series, I wanted to show you what I like to wear to the pool or beach as a cover-up. I am not a huge fan of wearing dresses to the beach or wearing things that really scream 'this is a beach cover-up', so I try to go for a more chill look such as a big t-shirt like I did today, or even a baggy shirt and cotton shorts.