A Different Perspective

Over the weekend I traveled to Indiana to visit Indiana University then went to Indianapolis.

On the flight home I had a chance to just sit and reflect on my life and everything going on around me, and it was so nice. When I looked out the window of the plane, it made me realize how big the world is, and how insignificant most of my "problems" are. It's like everything that seems so big in my life really isn't that daunting. It's so typical of people to forget what's really important. You always want to succeed and try your best and make sure you are on the right track in life, but there are so many incidents where we forget that it is okay to stop caring sometimes and just let life do it's thing. If we become too forceful or overthink things, I think that's just as bad as not trying at all. Take that stress in your life and think about everything else around you. Think about all of the things that you do have instead of don't- health, family, a home, and simply the fact that you get to wake up every day and breathe air and see beauty all around you. That in itself is a miracle. Stop looking around and only seeing the negatives; change your view and life will look so much brighter.