Comfy Casual

I've been contemplating wearing overalls since I bought this pair in the winter/spring of last year. 

I think it was a mixture of me being afriad of standing out too much, and also feeling concerned that they weren't true to what my style typically is. Finally I decided it was time to just try them out, and I am so glad that I did. I realized that overalls are the perfect casual piece to make you look trendy but still keep you feeling comfortable and confident. Another great thing is that you can wear them a million different ways, and you can wear a sweater with them if it's winter, or a crop top if it's summer! So I guess the moral of my little story is that you should most definitely not say no to things right away! Always try first, and give it a chance! And of course, overalls CAN be cool and sophisticated, so don't underestimate them!