How to Get Back in the Groove

It's finally starting to feel like Spring, which means everyone wants to really tone up and get in better shape after a long winter. The best thing you can do is find a workout regime you enjoy and stick to it while trying to keep healthy most of the time. It is also so important that you find friends and family that support you and want to join in with you! My sister and I love to go outside and do sprints and strength workouts together, so try to find someone your close with so you can cheer each other on! Here's what I am doing in the next few months to get into the best shape possible for this spring and summer. 

Diet: To me, exercise and diet are both extremely important, but in order to really see a difference, your diet needs to be cleaned up. This doesn't mean cutting out any food groups as a whole, it just means that you should try to be healthy 70 or 80 percent of the time, and leave the other 20 or 30 percent to be more flexible. 

Exercise: I have a specific workout regime I like to follow to achieve the best results. My usual routine is as follows:
Sunday: Rest day
Monday: HIIT/Cardio Day (All about getting the heart rate up)
Tuesday: 30 minutes of cardio + 20-30 minutes of legs/butt workouts
Wednesday: 20-30 minutes of cardio + 20 minutes of arms/abs
Thursday: 30 minutes of cardio + 20 minutes of strengthening yoga or pilates
Friday: 40 minutes of bike OR run 2 miles + 10-20 minutes of any body-weight workouts
Saturday: Rest day OR I attend a class (spin, yoga, etc.)

If you need any advice about getting fit for spring & summer, email me below! It can be totally anonymous and I am here to help with anything from healthy eating to workouts!

Cardio drills with my sister in the backyard (our favorite way to get fit in the summer)

Cardio drills with my sister in the backyard (our favorite way to get fit in the summer)