Little Imperfections

Flaws are what make the world go round

Whether it's a little wrinkle in my shirt, or a cuff in my jeans, I think those little imperfections make an outfit complete. It is so much more relatable to someone who has those faults, because truly, everyone has them, it's just a matter of who wants to cover them up or not. But those flaws and those faults and insecurities make us who we are, and I wouldn't be me without that little bump on the right side of my nose, or my so called "bubble butt" or my short stature. I have become proud of my flaws, because every time I look at them, I think of the type person I am, and how I wouldn't be that same person if one of those flaws weren't there. 

The sweater dress I wore today was inspired by those flaws. It has small tears and its uneven and doesn't really have a shape. And it sounds so ludicrous trying to relate an article of clothing to a physical or emotional aspect of yourself, yet it is so accurate. It has these little faults because those faults are what made me want to buy that dress in the first place. And those same faults that I recognize in a negative way, somehow are such a positive influence on the full outfit. Your flaws are your assets.