The Easy Way vs. The Right Way

High school and college are mainly the times when young women struggle with body image and trying to lose weight. I have had my fair share of struggles with all of these things, just like everyone else which is why I am so interested in healthy living in the first place. 

We think that if we diet and restrict ourselves that we will be skinnier. To so many people skinny doesn't just mean skinny. It also means more loved, more popular, more accepted, and better all around. When I hear people talking about restricting food groups or dieting, it truly hurts me because I have been there and I was setting  myself up for failure. I went vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, etc. and each and every time I ended up worse than when I started.

This type of behavior in my opinion is bullying. It is you constantly bullying and punishing yourself just for a certain weight or body type. 

So how to we treat our bodies the right way in order to still stay fit and be the best versions of ourself?

Adapting a balanced lifestyle and treating ourselves with respect is the only option. If you have a constant negative attitude towards yourself, you will never reach any goals. The key to being in the best shape is only partially about the foods that you eat and the amount you exercise. The main thing is making sure you love yourself first, and focus on the positive attributes that make you so great. It is 100% mental. Be present and be in the moment, and stop thinking about what you could look like or be like in the future. 

There is a way to end the battle with your own mind. Stop self-shaming and start self-loving, and the rest will fall into place.