How To Order Healthy at Starbucks


When walking into Starbucks, it can be really overwhelming given that many of the drinks on the menu have hidden calories or ingredients. I always try to play it safe and keep it simple, but the taste is a huge factor as well, which is why I try to keep it low-calorie yet still satisfying. Keep in mind, it is okay to have a fun drink every once in a while, but it is also important to find a drink that you can have on the daily.

My go-to drink is an iced coffee with soy milk (skim milk is also fine if you like it), and I also love to add in caramel or vanilla sugar-free syrup every once in a while for some added flavor. Although sugar-free isn't the best for you, it won't kill you to have it every few weeks, especially when there's other drinks that are probably much worse. 

The last thing I recommend doing is adding in spices/flavors after you get your drink. There is always a stand with cinnamon, vanilla powder, chocolate powder, and nutmeg. I always add vanilla + cinnamon + my own stevia. 

Personally, I'd just rather eat my calories than drink them, and so when I am at Starbucks I like to order something simple and light. If you are like me, I would recommend trying out some of these little tweaks when you are ordering next time!