So You Wanna Get In Shape? The Au Courant Life Spring Break Series


As all of you know at this point, I am completely OPPOSED to dieting. I believe it slows your metabolism, makes you hungrier, and even wrecks your willpower. However, I am all for getting in shape, learning how to be healthier, and working out to look good AND feel good.

Spring break is approaching us, and a countless number of my friends have been asking the same question: "what can I do to look good in my bikini?!"

Time and time again, I find myself trying to explain to others that diets don't work, but at the same time, if you feel strongly about getting in shape in a healthy way that makes you feel stronger and more energized, what's the problem with that? (Hint: there is none)

Within the next couple weeks, I will be doing a series of posts ranging from workout plans to meal guides to tips on shopping for your body type. It is truly the Au Courant Life Ultimate Spring Break Guide.

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