Spring Break Series: Full Day of Eating


For today's post of the Spring Break Series, I want to show you an example of a full day of eating that fits into your schedule but that is also healthy & nourishing. I actually took some of the meals that I ate in the previous days and am using them as part of this FDOE to show you that you truly can find a healthy option anywhere you go, as long as you really try.


I suggest starting out with a Greek yogurt with berries. Adding a pinch of chia seeds is a really great way to stay fuller for longer because they expand in your stomach and have lots of fiber.


Rainbow Salad; The goal for lunch is pretty much to combine as many colors as you can and then add protein. If I make a salad, I always make sure I use as many colors of veggies as I can and then I will top it off with some chick peas and a hard boiled egg for my sources of protein. If you don't like those options of proteins, you can always add tofu, beans, grilled chicken, or sliced turkey. For dressing, you want to look for one that is low in sugar and low in fat. I really like Ken's Light Balsamic, but to be even healthier, you can combine balsamic vinegar with oil and a bit of honey, salt, and pepper to make a delicious homemade dressing.


To me, dinner is the meal I always like to be the most flexible with because I always like it to fit into my social life. This way, if my friends want to go to dinner at a specific place, I never have a problem with it because I know I can always find a healthy option. The basic formula is make sure you have a protein, a carb, and a veggie, and you're set! The other night me and my friends decided to go out for sushi. There are tons of people that think rice is so bad for you, but to tell you the truth, rice will most definitely NOT kill you and it will actually end up keeping you full for way longer. My advice to you is if you are ordering sushi, go for veggie rolls, California roll, or tuna avocado roll. Try to stay away from spicy mayo and just use a little soy sauce for dipping. Start with miso soup or seaweed salad so that you fill your stomach.


A snack should be something that is filling, smart, and satisfying. I love to snack on veggies & hummus, kind bars, apples & almond butter, and mixed nuts or a DIY trail mix. These are all smart choices because they are really filling, and they really satisfy my cravings. If I want a little dessert at the end of the night, I love to snack on a couple squares of dark chocolate. If you have trouble controlling portions, make sure you buy individually wrapped dark chocolates. This can pretty much go for anything such as popcorn, chips, etc. Portion control is key when it comes to smart snacking.

If there is one final piece of advice I can give you about your day of eating, it is to make sure your focus is on your meals, and not your snacks. If you get hungry between meals, you most definitely should eat. However, the goal is to make your meals as satisfying as possible so that you can avoid over-snacking, which is truly the culprit of weight gain.

Hopefully you all learned a few things from this FDOE, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will answer them!