How to Achieve Your Best Body

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As I grow up, I understand more and more what it means to be my 'best' self.

Obviously every person has their own definition of what their best self is, but many people still don't even know what they should be striving for. Today I want to help you with that.

For years I struggled with my body because I constantly looked at photos of women who were beautiful and fit, but who had bodies that were not even the slightest bit similar to mine. I compared myself to how others ate, exercised, and how they lived their life instead of focusing on what was best for me.

So now here I am years later, and I am by no means perfect. I can't say that I have achieved the perfect body, but I can say I am working to achieve my best body. Over the years I have seen so much great progress because of the lifestyle changes I made to better myself, and each day I learn something new about what works for me.

This post isn't to tell yo to do "xy and z" in order to achieve your dream body. It is rather to share with you what I do every day to feel and look my best, and maybe by incorporating some of these methods into your life it will work for you, too!


Eat What Makes You Feel Good

Intuitive eating was the first step to achieving my best self. It is so vital because your body tells you what works for you and what doesn't. I know that dairy makes me feel sluggish. I know that sometimes a bagel or pasta actually gives me energy and makes me feel good. Try really paying attention to what makes your body feel its best, and don't eat a certain way just because someone who seems fit or healthy does. 

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Do Workouts You Enjoy

Obviously exercise is great for you but you also wouldn't be able to achieve your best body without it. I know that if I want to stay fit and healthy for the rest of my life, I need to do workouts that are sustainable and that I will never get sick of. This is why I have a plethora of different workouts I love and I am constantly switching around my routine. I encourage you to get out there and find the things that your body really responds to versus the things that bore you and don't really seem to work. Again, don't do a workout just because one person said it worked for them.


Take Your Time

If you plan on getting ripped in two weeks, you should probably expect it to only last that long too. Anything that is really great takes time, so make sure you are taking it day by day. I really only started my journey of intuitive eating & exercising 2 years ago. I am still improving and learning every single day, so focus on the journey and not so much the end result.


Don't Spot Reduce

Spot reducing is when you want to just get abs or just tone your legs. I believe that if you want to make a change, it is better to focus on everything instead of just working the spots you dislike. Each week, I make sure I work each part of my body and do strength, cardio, and stretching. This way, you are consistently getting stronger all over instead of just in one place.

Love The Journey

Each day you should be enjoying everything you are doing. It shouldn't feel like a diet or a phase. The foods you eat and the workouts you do should be something you look forward to every day! And don't be afraid to learn new things! A huge part of my journey is diving into new workouts and trying out new recipes. This is what makes my life so fun and exciting.