What I Eat In a Day


I have been waiting to do this post for a while just because I did one back in the spring but my eating habits change a little bit when I am home for the summer from college. Obviously my days range due to all kinds of factors such as cravings, convenience, vacations, etc. However, I am just showing you what my typical days have been looking like in the past couple months. Hope you enjoy!


Breakfast is typically a smoothie or a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit and granola or coconut flakes. Sometimes if it is later in the morning, I prefer to have a bigger breakfast such as egg & avocado toast or an acai bowl. This way, it becomes a brunch and I'll just eat a snack later between brunch and dinner. 


Lunch is almost always a salad. This is the time I really prefer to get in lots of veggies and protein, and a salad is pretty much the easiest way to do it. I also LOVE to go to the grocery store and make my own salad because it never gets boring. If I am not in the mood for salad, I'll have rice paper spring rolls, a big smoothie bowl, or a protein bowl (quinoa, chick peas, tofu, and veggies).

I usually get low on energy at around 3 or 4 pm and also start to crave sweets. I whip up protein balls once a week because they are literally the only thing that holds me off until dinner and makes me feel satisfied. I will have 1 or 2 of these depending on how hungry I am.


Dinner, just like every other meal, also ranges between a bunch of different things. The only thing that I always do is make sure I am eating a combination of protein and veggies (no matter what my meal is). The meal pictured above is a tofu and vegetable stir fry, but if I am having a home-cooked dinner I'll usually go for chicken or a veggie burger with sweet potato and burnt broccoli.

I honestly haven't been eating after dinner that much, but when I do I go for something sweet and fresh. My go-to dessert is a no sugar added fruit popsicle by Outshine. They are refreshing and sweet and I like to enjoy 1 or 2 of them while winding down and watching TV. My other favorite thing to eat at night is just a bowl of fruit with some coconut flakes. It is sweet and not too heavy before bed.