Workout Of The Day: Arms & Abs


Today I was originally planning on crushing a 45 minute spin class, but when I woke up, my legs felt extremely weak. If there's one thing I could really stress, it's that if you feel a certain way, that is your body trying to tell you something! There is good burn vs. bad burn (I will go more in depth on this topic soon) but basically you want to know the difference between feeling the burn and something actually hurting or feeling injured. So if something is bothering you in a certain area, skip that area for the day and target something else! If you feel run-down all together, skip your workout and try going for a walk or doing a light stretch. And remember- don't sweat it. It happens to the best of us, but it is truly all about what you make of the situation.

Now enough talking, lets move on to the workout

*Keep note that R stands for reps and W stands for weight*