How to Start Your Own Blog

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Building the Blog

1. Choose what you're going to blog about

This is simply about finding the thing you can offer to the world. It can be just about anything, as long as you feel like you are an expert on this topic and have a lot to post about. It can be multiple topics or just one, just make sure you'll have enough content to post. Alternatively, you want to make sure you don't have too many topics because it could become confusing to the reader. 

2. Find software that works for you

The most popular software is usually Wordpress but is also known to be a little difficult to use. Make sure you do your research thoroughly and hear lots of different perspectives before deciding on anything.

3. Create content

Everyone's gotta start somewhere! Get out the best camera you have if your blog is going to feature photos and start writing some articles that exemplify what your blog is all about. You want to have a decent amount of content already out before your blog is released so that when it is released, the readers have something to read!

4. Get a second (and third and fourth) opinion

Before releasing your blog to the public, show a couple friends or family members that you know will give you their straight-up honest opinion. You want to put out the best version of yourself, so what better person to ask than your BFF or mom? 

5. Become present on social media (& hype up your release)

A month or two before the release of your blog, start becoming present on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. If you have no following, then who is gonna read your blog when it is released? That was a huge mistake I made when I started blogging and I kind of did that process in reverse. It was much harder for me to grow my following when I was working backwards, so make an Insta page and start networking!

5. Release it to the world

This is your big day! After hyping up your blog on social media for weeks, now is finally your time. Have a release party with champagne & your favorite foods, and make sure all of your friends and family are invited! The reason having a release event is so successful for so many people is because it allows friends and family to show their excitement about your blog on their own social media platforms! It is the perfect way to spread the word FAST!

Maximizing your success

 1. Don't hold back & be your authentic self

In the beginning, I constantly had people making fun of me and mocking everything I was doing. The best advice I can give you is to just never doubt yourself no matter how many people are making you feel like you should. Always be authentic and your true self because that is the person your readers will fall in love with. When you try to be someone you're not, your audience will sense that.

2. Do it for the right reasons

Ask yourself- am I in this for the fame? Do I just want more Instagram followers? If you are leaning towards yes for either of those questions, then blogging probably isn't for you. The majority of blogging is sitting in front of your computer writing, going out and shooting, and LOTS of editing. It is a full time job and you have to really understand what you are getting yourself into.

3. Talk about the things you truly care about

Don't talk about a product or a subject because it's trendy- talk about the thing(s) you are actually passionate about. Again, authenticity is everything. Your readers will pick up on it if you aren't truly in love with the subject you are blogging about.

4. Be ready to post consistently & really dedicate yourself to it

Got zero free time in your life? I suggest taking a step back or freeing up a couple days a week or a couple hours a day that you have dedicated to working on your blog. Although it might seem simple, blogging takes a lot of consistency in order to have a steady gain of followers, so make sure you pencil in a specific time each week that is just for the blog.

5. Be patient & don't give up

Blogging is hard because it isn't always a direct reward. Sometimes, people don't comment on posts. Sometimes you don't get new followers for days or even weeks. The magic happens when you are patient and you stay true to yourself and what you do. I promise that you will be successful as long as you stick with it and keep your heart in it.

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