Egg White Scramble


Today I am sharing a recipe that is a staple in my diet. This egg white scramble is easy to make and reaps a ton of benefits. Below I am sharing each ingredient's purpose in this recipe so hopefully you can learn a few things about the foods you are putting into your body.

Egg whites are low calorie, have no cholesterol, and contain around 4 grams of protein per egg.

Spinach contains a ton of vitamins such as B6, A, and C, and also gives you calcium, iron, and lots of fiber to keep you full.

Turmeric is great for decreasing inflammation and is high in antioxidants.

Ginger is most famous for aiding digestion and other stomach issues (that's why when you get the stomach bug you are supposed to drink ginger ale).

Cayenne pepper packs a huge punch. It is great for weight-loss and helps your body naturally detoxify itself.

3 egg whites
1/3 cup frozen spinach
Salt + pepper
Ground turmeric or ginger
Ground cayenne

Defrost spinach in microwave then add to greased pan (coconut oil or Pam spray are OK options)
Scramble 3 egg whites then add to pan on top of spinach
Stir occasionally as it cooks until it starts to become more solid texture
Add sprinkle of salt, pepper, turmeric or ginger, and cayenne (to taste)

Nutrition Facts

66 calories // 0g carb // 0g fat // 13g protein