Back-To-School Hair Tutorial


I am sticking with the back-to-school theme this week & showing you my favorite hairstyle that is casual enough to wear to class but perfect for any plans you might have after.

It's super simple & only takes a few steps to complete!

First, use a leave in conditioner spray preferably on dirty hair. I have naturally curly hair so I also straightened mine before doing this look.

Next, take a curling iron and wrap it around small to medium groups of hair for about 10 seconds each time until you are all the way around.

After, take a bit of hair from the front left and front right and pull them together to create a some up some down look.

Braid that group of hair only an inch or two and then immediately wrap it tightly into a bun.

Add a hair tie, some hair spray, and softly brush through the ends with your fingers to create waves.

That's it! It's simple & adorable for school or any other occasion you might have!

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