2018 New Years Resolutions

Au Courant Life New Years 2018 Resolutions
My New Years 2018 Resolutions by Au Courant Life

I couldn't be more excited to start the year on a fresh note.

The last year has been full of personal growth and development, but if you saw my latest posts, you'd know it has also been extremely difficult for me health-wise. With that said, now that I'm in the recovery phase, I am already taking baby steps to get myself healthy again and prepare my body for all of the travels I will be doing within the next 4 months. So without further ado, here are my top goals for 2018!

1. Focus on Staying Healthy

Because of the health struggles I have faced within the last year (click here to learn more), I am not the most healthy I've been. I lost a lot of muscle from lack of working out, and because I was sick a lot, I was eating many bland foods with low nutrition benefits. Now that I'm in the recovery stage post-surgery, I have started to make healthy meals again, but always indulging too because balance, right?! When I start to feel up to it, I am going to slowly get back into a workout regime, but I am taking very small steps because my priority is to make sure my body is recovering properly.

2. Live in the Moment

Of course it's cliche AF, but living in the moment is so important for me this year since I will be traveling so much. It's so easy to get caught up in taking pictures for Instagram and the blog because I love sharing my life with you guys, but I also want to make sure I am fully embracing this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. Prioritize My Work & Followers

When it comes to my website, it's no longer just a hobby. It's a source of income and hopefully one day will become a full-time job as my following grows. For that reason, I prioritize the work I do and will continue to do that in the new year. The more feedback I hear and the more followers I gain puts me into a position where it's not just about me anymore, it's about you all! I'm so excited to hear all the suggestions you have and want you to be in charge of the content I am posting!

4. Stay True to Myself

As I get older, I am exposed to new opportunities and people. It is easy to fall into the trap of conforming to what others are doing, but at the end of the day, I am always the most successful and happy when I am doing what I believe in. I value accepting all different types of people and never closing myself off to one group. I look forward to meeting new people and making new memories, while also keeping old friends close as well.

5. Enrich My Life

The last goal I have for the new year is to learn a new hobby or skill. I am constantly looking for new activities to dive into because I find that the more you do, the more enriching your life becomes. I might not be a professional at every single thing I try, but just being able to do something I've never done before makes life so fascinating.

Thank you so much for reading my new years resolutions! Feel free to share your top new year resolution in the comments below! XX