How To Be Your Best Self in 2019

carly weinstein of au courant life in cream sweater by urban outfitters looking sideways with hair blowing in wind

I am so excited that I finally found some time to sit down and talk a little bit about the new year.

Although I’ve been super busy with school and other commitments, I think it is so important to take the time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. I don’t believe in making any big resolutions because I find that most of the time they result in disappointment or failure. So instead of making some crazy promises to yourself, I want to help everyone start the new year on a positive and encouraging note.

Below I have listed some ways you can challenge yourself in the new year. These challenges are straight-forward, achievable, and require just a small amount of effort each day. Keep reading to learn some amazing ways you can improve yourself this year!

Do you usually make new years resolutions? Let me know your opinions in the comments below!


accept your body

It has taken me a long time to feel like I can finally accept myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of days where I feel insecure; I’m human after all. But after years of practice I now have the tools to overcome those feelings so that they don’t affect my whole life. Try to challenge yourself to let go of old habits and welcome new, more positive attitudes surrounding your body. See the 5 Day Confidence Challenge to learn more.

stop beating yourself up

Whether you missed a workout, didn’t eat “clean” enough, or are still upset over the job you didn’t get, you need to learn to LET IT GO. Our society has trained us to be so perfect, it has trained us that being overly busy is a good thing, and down time always equals laziness. This is just so far from the truth, and can result in burnout and low self-esteem.

Start putting in a conscious effort to let go of the things you can’t control, and go easy on yourself when it comes to the things you do have control over. Your harshest critic is usually YOU!

go for it despite what others think

The most successful people in the world didn’t just get lucky. They said “F what other people think” and went for it. Any idea that was ever revolutionary came from a person who didn’t listen to the noise around them and just trusted their gut. Your true friends will still be your friends even if you put yourself out there- look at me for example. If you have something you love, just do it. It doesn’t matter if you look “weird” or fail in front of everyone a million times. At the end of the day putting yourself out there is the most rewarding learning experience in the world- and if you succeed, that’s a bonus!

be open

We are in an age where acceptance is no longer a choice. If you still find yourself being judgmental towards others, dig deep and challenge yourself to acknowledge that inner dialogue. Whether you like it or not, the world is changing. You can either get on board and be happy, or fight it and be in a constant battle. This not only refers to strangers but also applies to friends. Try to reach out to new groups of people, and open your mind and heart to what others have to offer.

be positive & spread love

Most of the time, a person’s upbringing results in who they become. With that said, you never know someone else’s past or current struggles. The lesson here is to treat strangers with love and spread positivity to others despite their outer appearance. Spreading kindness creates a chain reaction, so that hopefully it inspires others to do the same, in turn making the world a little bit better.

Smiling, happiness, and love is infectious, and something as simple as a smile can change the course of someones day.