How To Discover Your Personal Style

how to discover your personal style by au courant life

Defining your signature style can be challenging.

Some people might read this and think, “what’s the point of making this kind of decision?” My answer to that is you absolutely don’t need to! However, there are tons of benefits to figuring out a theme or direction for what you wear. So what are those benefits?

Simplified Shopping
When you follow a specific style, it makes decision making while shopping so much easier. It narrows down the options in the store so that you save time, and reduce stress.

Confidence Boost
When you finally find a style that really works for you, it brings so much certainty and confidence. In all walks of life, a sense of individuality is so important, and your style has the power to bring your true personality to the surface.

Wardrobe De-Clutter
How many times have you opened your closet to never-worn or barely-worn items? By choosing a more specific taste, you can get rid of all the random pieces in your wardrobe that just don’t belong. This saves you space and creates room for new purchases.

Convinced yet? Now let’s get into the fun part- how to discover and define your signature style.


Find Your Inspo

The best way to find inspiration for style is by looking at celebrities and influencers. Find 2-3 people that you are drawn to and figure out what aspects of their style you like/dislike. Then, create a Pinterest board or album with photos of those people and examples of similar styles.


You can love an outfit on someone, yet put it on and feel completely different. This is why it is so important to figure out which pieces make you feel confident and happy. Try out different styles of jeans, skirts, dresses, etc., and figure out which silhouettes work for you.

make it yours

After figuring out what kind of theme you like, try to put your personal touch on it. Maybe you have a classic style but you love trendy pieces too. Try adding a trendier accessory or jacket to each outfit to take it up a notch.

mix & match

Just because you’re choosing a style doesn’t mean you are stuck with it. Feel free to choose 2 styles and combine aspects of each. A few examples of combinations I love are classic + casual, bohemian + trendy, and urban + feminine.

Now it’s your turn to decide.
To start you out, I’m providing a list of styles and what they look like. Then, choose a couple you like the best & start creating your new style!


What do you think your personal style is? Tell me in the comments below!