How to Get Fit for Fall

How to get fit for fall by Au Courant Life

Trying to get in shape can be overwhelming.

There are tons of different workouts to choose from, countless classes to take, and thousands of different opinions on what workouts you should be doing. It can be extremely confusing when you have all these different sources telling you what the 'right' workout is, only to find out you either don't enjoy it, or it doesn't work for your body.

So that's where I come in. The best way to get in shape is to have a routine you enjoy, but also to make sure you have a balance of all different types of exercises. Here are my top tips for getting in shape!

How to get in shape by Au Courant Life

Create a schedule

The next step is to create a weekly schedule so that you never have to question whether you're going to workout or not. Decide how many days you would like to exercise & how many days you want off. If you are new to doing more impactful workouts, I suggest you start with 3 days a week and work your way up. When you set small goals to start out, you are guaranteed to be more successful in the long run. It's up to you to decide how many days you think you can realistically stick to.


Work out the details

The hardest part for a lot of people is actually deciding what to do on which days and how many times a week they should be doing each type of exercise. A huge misconception is that strength training will make you bulky and cardio will make you thin. This is so wrong. The truth is that strength training actually burns more calories throughout the day, increasing your metabolic rate, and sheds fat which is replaced with lean muscle. With that said, you need cardio too because it is good for your heart, metabolism, and circulation among tons of other things. You also need stretching in your routine even if it's for 5-10 minutes per workout. It helps relax your muscles, reduce stress, and increase your performance.

Aim for 3 days of strength, 2 days of long cardio (or 3 days of short sessions) and 3-5 days of stretching (you should be stretching every time you work out).


Design your routines

For each day you should have a routine that you refer to so you don't waste any time or feel unsure. I like to dedicate a folder in my notes app to the various routines I've created over the years. I have categories within it for working specific parts of the body, HIIT routines, and stretching. If you don't know where to begin, you can click on the links below for a couple routines to start out with. Usually I choose to do 2 days of just strength, one day of strength and cardio, and one day of just cardio. I stretch every time I work out. Sometimes on off-days I will do a yoga or pilates video or take a walk.

7 Lower Body Workouts
Arms & Abs Routine
Yoga Circuit
Heart-Rate HIIT


Figure out what motivates you

Sticking to a routine isn't just about the schedule you make. Whatever the reason is, think of why you are deciding to exercise. Is it a stress reliever? Do you want to become stronger? List a few reasons either in your notes or anywhere that is visible to you. Any time you're lacking motivation, refer back to it. You can also use small non food-related rewards for each milestone you reach (3 weeks of sticking to your routine, hitting a certain amount of reps, etc.) For me, I like to treat myself to a new sports bra, buy a cute water bottle, or even get a massage or mani/pedi.


Stay positive & don't give up

When you are working hard at something and don't see results, it can be very discouraging. You are going to have great days and you're going to have bad days. Either way, remember that each day is a new opportunity to do your best. If you stick to your routine and are really doing everything you can, you will without a doubt succeed.


Photos by Heather Hudson