How to Style an Overall Dress

Black overall dress with sweater and booties by Au Courant Life

Sometimes introducing a new item or style into your wardrobe can seem scary.

Because there are so many ways to wear one item, even the simplest of items can leave a person feeling confused of what to do with it. I feel like an overall dress can be a hard item for some people to style, but has the potential to be a wardrobe staple item.

The first option is the way I decided to style my outfit. I took a simple black corduroy overall dress and paired it with a simple sweater and booties. If you are wearing a plain black or tan dress, you have room to take it up a notch with a pattern or interesting texture. A boot also adds sophistication while a sneaker can dress down the look and keep it effortless.

In warmer months, I love seeing a denim overall dress with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers. You could also pair it with a lightweight t-shirt or tank top and sandals.

Lastly, wearing an overall dress at night can be a really cool and different outfit idea. Try pairing a black denim or leather dress with a see-through black shirt underneath or even a colorful tight lace top and booties.

You can shop my look as well as other recommended overall outfits below!

overall dress style from topshop by Au Courant Life
how to style overalls by Au Courant Life
black topshop overall dress by au courant life
how to style an overall dress by au courant life

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