My Top 10 Favorite Online Shopping Sites

For the past year I have been making lists of my favorite fashion, health/fitness, and beauty bloggers, as well as restaurants, websites, brands, vacation spots, beauty products, and more. Now I am so excited to share all of them with you! I'm going to be posting detailed lists over the next few months to help you discover new people, places, and things to do. Starting today, I'm giving you my first list which as the title says is my top 10 favorite online shopping sites. I hope you enjoy & please feel free to comment which list you would like to see next.

PS. You can shop every clothing item in this post by simply clicking on the thumbnail photos.



Revolve is my #1 favorite place to online shop. The prices are mid to high range, but their service is unbeatable. I highly recommend revolve if you are going to an event such as a wedding or bar mitzvah. I order multiple dresses at once and then send back the ones I don't like! The shipping is extremely quick & they are very accommodating with returns.



I became a HUGE fan of Lulu's a few years ago when I was starting college. The clothes are really well-priced and everything is below $200. I buy a lot of my everyday clothing items from there, and it is a great place to find trendy seasonal pieces that you don't want to invest too much money in.



Asos is also a go-to for me, especially when it comes to buying shoes, workwear, and basics. I love how they have a mix of every type of clothing and most of the items are between low and middle prices. The thing that makes Asos stand out to me the most is that they sell clothing for literally EVERY BODY TYPE. They have a line of petite clothing that I am obsessed with, and they also make wider fitted shoes, shorter and longer pants, and tons of plus-size options.



Misguided is an absolute must if you need going-out clothes. The prices are extremely reasonable and I always find amazing tops, skirts, and dresses there. They also have tons of platform heels that are comfortable and good quality.



I usually use Shopbop when I am looking for one or two specific items. It is really great for buying more formal dresses (I got the gown that I wore to my sister's bat mitzvah from there). I also tend to use Shopbop when I want to find higher-end fashion jewelry and handbags, and the shipping is also quick which is a huge plus.



If I could give an award to the fastest shipping, Zappos would win every time. I buy everything from sneakers to boots to heels from there, and they all come within 2-3 days of ordering. If you ever are crunched on time and need a shoe, I highly suggest using Zappos.



Everyone knows the prices at Forever 21 are hard to beat, so I take advantage of that when shopping online there. I know sometimes going to the actual store can be hectic, so I like to shop online when I need basics such as sweaters, t-shirts, and workout clothes. They have tons of great deals and you can always expect to get a lot of items without spending all your money.



Toyshop is one of my favorite brands because of the fresh and unique items they sell. It is also home to my favorite pair of jeans in the world, the Jamie jeans (shown above). All their jeans are extremely comfortable and look good with everything, but beware that they run very small. Topshop is also the perfect place to buy cute cross body bags for under $100.



Net-A-Porter is instant access to a ton of high-end items in one place. It ships fast & is perfect if you are looking for a specific designer item that they might not have in the department store. It is one of the more expensive/high-fashion websites, but well worth it if you're looking for something special such as a formal dress, designer bag, or nice pair of shoes.



Nordstrom is great because it really has something for everyone. Although you are able to purchase higher end items here, they also carry more contemporary brands that are more reasonable in price. I order a variety of different things from Nordstrom from fashion sneakers to cocktail dresses. It truly is a one-stop-shop.