A Weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland

Weekend in Interlaken Switzerland by Au Courant Life

This past weekend I traveled to the beautiful Interlaken, known for its wide range of winter activities and charming town in the Swiss Alps.



While we were there, tons of people went skydiving, skiing, paragliding, and more, however, I have never really been one to participate in those activities (especially in the snow). Instead, my friends and I opted for some more relaxing activities to still make the most of our trip, such as a workshop at Funky Chocolate Club. We got to make chocolate from scratch and decorate our own bars to take home as well! It was so much fun and the instructor was great, too.



For breakfast, Barracuda Cafe is the place to go. They have great bagels and coffee, but you also can order cocktails and hang out at any point during the day.

Even if you don't do the workshop, Funky Chocolate Club is still a place well worth your time. I suggest trying the Bailey's hot chocolate or the chocolate strawberries.

We came across an adorable place called Shuh which you can go to for breakfast, lunch, coffee, or even just drinks or dessert. It's a nice place to kill time and hang out with friends.

For dinner we went to 2 really great places with tons of options. The first night we went to OX Restaurant & Grill, and then the second night to Bier Haus. OX is a nicer steakhouse vibe and a little more upscale. Bier Haus is super casual, fun atmosphere, and really good food.


Overall experience.

In all, if you're anything like me I would suggest going to a different part of Switzerland like Zurich where you can walk around and shop. Interlaken is very small and if you're not up for the activities you basically are stuck eating/drinking all day. With that said, I had a great time with my friends and am glad I got to see the amazing views and experience Switzerland for the first time.