My Holiday Wishlist & How to Make Your Own!

It is so common to get overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what gifts to ask for around the holidays.

There are so many amazing items out there that are worth asking for, but when it comes down to it, it's important to do your research on what you really need. The first thing I do when holiday season is approaching is update my 'Wishlist' board on Pinterest. If you're not already following me, click the link above so that you can see my full wishlist this season!

When I begin planning what is going to go on my wishlist, I list the things that I wouldn't buy myself on a typical day. Basically if you wouldn't buy it for yourself no matter how big or small, that qualifies as an item to ask for! So from there, I use my Pinterest board to get an overview of the things I want, and can always go back and add or delete things if I change my mind!

The best part? I just tell my family to visit my wishlist board so I don't even have to ask for anything, and when I receive my gifts, it's always a surprise! Below is a collection of my favorite items on my holiday wishlist this year. Feel free to use this list as inspiration for giving and receiving this holiday season!