Why I Write

It is currently 2 am and as usual for this time of night, I am reflecting on the meaning of life. I know, I'm a walking cliche.

Why I write and what inspires me by Au Courant Life

I think at some point between photoshoots, job interviews, and school work, I realized I had almost forgotten about my favorite thing in life- my writing. Although this website is what most would refer to as a 'blog', it is so much more than that to me. My website is my purpose. It is the thing that makes me smile, my main source of motivation, my career path, and the guide to my life (and all of yours, too, for that matter).

I write about things I love. I don't sugarcoat it. I am passionate about living my best life, and I will be the first one to tell you that I refuse to waste time on other BS, for lack of a better word. So in honor of that, I want to get a little deeper into my own journey and my story and share a little more about me.

I picture my brain to have these very organized compartments with everything in my life that is of the most importance to me. Basically it would go like this- Family; Friends; School; Website; Music (singing, writing songs, playing piano/guitar, listening); Self-Care (healthy eating/exercise); Social Life. I basically covered it all right there. These are my top priorities in life.

I first of all, I believe I was put on this earth to make an impact. The funny thing is that I always used to get so anxious waiting to see what my impact would be. Then I realized my impact is right in front of me- my words.

I have been writing music since I was a very little girl, before I even know what I was writing about. Then I began writing stories as well, and eventually it lead to this. So I write music, blog posts, short stories, articles, all in order to make my voice be heard and impact others.

I was never really sure what the point of all of this really was- this whole life thing, I mean.

Now I realize that the whole point is love.

To love what you're doing every single day of your life. To wake up and be excited to seize the day. To eventually love another person and share your passions with them, too.

I think the whole point of me writing this is really to just tell you why I'm here. A lot of people question where I'm going with this 'blog' of mine, or if this is a feasible career path. The truth is, I don't know! However, I do know that I never want to wake up a single day for the rest of my life doing something I'm unsatisfied with. I want to inspire others, and do what I love, and make a difference; and with that, I know opportunity will come.