What's Your Why?

Have you ever given thought to your life's purpose? Your "why" or your purpose in life is your reason for being. A purpose provides a motivation to wake up every day, a desire to be educated, and of course, a passion to pursue in life. 

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How to Style an Overall Dress

Sometimes introducing a new item or style into your wardrobe can seem scary. Because there are so many ways to wear one item, even the simplest of items can leave a person feeling confused of what to do with it. I feel like an overall dress can be a hard item for some people to style, but has the potential to be a wardrobe staple item. 

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How I Found My Balance

It's hard to believe that years ago I was a completely different person when it came to my eating habits and my attitude towards myself. It hurts me when I look around and see so many girls so unhappy with themselves, in search of the perfect fix that will make them feel skinny enough and worth it. I long to change that.

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Stripes & Slides

I have been waiting a long time to do a bold outfit post and today is FINALLY the day. This sporty trouser trend confused me at first, I must admit. I couldn't decide what the perfect shoe would be, or if I should let the pant be the center of attention versus adding a bold shirt.

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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Every time it becomes fall, I immediately feel the need to get festive when it comes to my recipes, outfits, and even makeup. I know that as soon as the leaves start turning, I can expect to see long lines of people waiting to order their pumpkin spice lattes and other seasonal drinks.

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How to Get Fit for Fall

Trying to get in shape can be overwhelming. There are tons of different workouts to choose from, countless classes to take, and thousands of different opinions on what workouts you should be doing. It can be extremely confusing when you have all these different sources telling you what the 'right' workout is, only to find out you either don't enjoy it, or it doesn't work for your body.

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