Overcome Low Self-Esteem with the 5-day Confidence Challenge

For the majority of the population, self-confidence does not come easy.

I believe that confidence is directly influenced by our environment, starting with childhood. Parenting style largely determines the environment a child grows up in, which in turn influences the character traits they will possess. This is where the trait of confidence, or low-confidence can originate from. Additionally, low self-esteem can come from school or work, unhealthy relationships, media, or any other situation outside the home.

The good news is that with a positive attitude and practice, self-confidence can be raised. I also want to remind you that sometimes it takes some bigger steps to boost confidence. This might mean distancing yourself from unhealthy relationships, quitting a job that undermines your worth, or talking to a friend about how they make you feel.

Now that we cleared that up, it's time for the challenge. I suggest starting out on a Monday and finishing on a Friday in order to give yourself some structure.

Each day, be sure to share what you're doing via Instagram or Insta Story. Don't forget to tag @carly_weinstein and to use the hashtags #AuSoConfident #5DayConfidenceChallenge #AuCourantLife