How I Reset My Diet After a Vacation

How to reset your diet after a vacation by au courant life
Carly of au courant life on healthy way to diet reset

What do vacations, holidays, and long weekends all have in common?

Relaxation, of course! This might mean taking a few steps back from your typical workout routine or indulging a little more than usual. I live a balanced lifestyle as it is, but I do consider myself to be healthy most of the time, so during these down times I make sure to treat myself and enjoy.

I don't believe in detoxes or any type of diet, however, I am extremely in-touch with my body. Usually after these relaxation periods, instead of telling myself what I should be eating, I really listen to what my body is craving, which allows me to understand what nutrients I need the most.

It also is sometimes difficult to get back into your usual routine when you still feel like you're in relaxation mode. To get myself feeling motivated and energized, I also incorporate some extra healthy habits into my daily routine. Keep reading to learn how I hit the reset button on my lifestyle after a break.

How to reset your diet by Au Courant Life

drink lemon water

The easiest and most effective thing you can do is drink tons of water. I start with an ice cold glass of lemon water in the morning then end my day with the same. I also continue to drink tons of water throughout the day. I usually just add lemon, but feel free to add in mint, cucumber, or any other fruits you desire!

Why it Works: The water provides hydration which allows your body to flush out any unwanted toxins. The lemons give you vitamin C which help boost your immune system and fight illness. They also aide in energy production AND detoxification!!


limit refined sugar

When you are trying to reset your digestive system, the worst thing you can do is feed it more sugar. Refined sugars are found in baked goods, packaged products, candy, etc. Instead, replace these products with 1-2 servings of fruit.

Why it Works: The bad bacteria in your digestive system feed off of sugar, so when you eat it, it allows the bacteria to grow and spread. By limiting your intake of refined sugars and replacing them with healthier options, you are helping spread the good bacteria which allows your body to heal and detoxify properly.


increase protein

Protein intake is vital during your reset. During vacations it is easy to accidentally skimp out on protein, so it's important that when you come back you are eating the proper amount. I use the IIFYM Macro Calculator to calculate how much protein my body needs in a day so that I know I'm getting enough. Grilled chicken, eggs, salmon, chick peas, and tofu are all great examples of protein.

Why it Works: Not only does protein keep you full for longer, but it also helps your muscles repair and strengthen which will allow you to get back into those workouts faster.


double up on fiber

I weirdly always crave salads when I come back from vacations, and I strongly believe this is my body telling me I need more fiber. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get in a good amount of fiber, such as adding 2 cups of spinach to your morning smoothie, eating a big salad for lunch, or having a big serving of broccoli with dinner. Try to eat double the amount you usually do, but be careful if you have a sensitive stomach!

Why it Works: Fiber literally moves everything along. It keeps your bowel movements normal so that you can clear out your digestive system and replace it with new nutrients. Eating a high-fiber diet also keeps you feeling full and helps with weight loss and management.


drink herbal tea

I try to end my day with an herbal tea that aides in digestion or detoxification. My favorite tea in the world is Eater's Digest because it never fails to make my stomach feel better after it's been irritated by food or alcohol. I also love EveryDay Detox because it is extremely soothing and helps you naturally detoxify without giving you those awful laxative side effects (we've all been there).

Why it Works: Because both teas have gut-healing and detoxifying ingredients in them, they both are super easy ways to give your body that extra boost of cleansing it needs. Ingredients like peppermint, lemon, ginger, and dandelion all are great for detoxing and healing your gut. They also are easy on sensitive stomachs!

Above all, I want to remind you that the main idea of following these tips is not to lose weight. I focus solely on nutrition and treating my body right so that I can live a long, healthy life, feel my best, and prevent physical & mental illness.

Along with following these tips, I recommend you also really listen to your body. Try to remember what it feels like when you get hungry and when you get full. Think about what foods make you feel energetic and good versus sluggish and bloated. Your body is constantly guiding you and telling you what's best, so the best thing you can do is listen & give it what it needs.

How do you reset after a break? Share your tips in the comments below :)