Interview Style Guide

Although I am not in the corporate world yet, I have visited a handful of offices and showrooms over the years which has given me a great insight on how to dress for all kinds of professional situations.

As you might assume, each company has their own unique culture, so while some are more business professional, others are more casual and relaxed. For any interview at a corporate office, you should always be dressed either business professional or some form of business casual depending on the company. Do your research beforehand or ask around to see if anyone you know has interviewed where you're going. Most companies these days have become more relaxed when it comes to attire, so I will focus more on business casual ideas today.


Business Professional


Classic Business Casual


Modern business casual


Comfortable business casual


To wrap this post up, I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask you guys if interview/job advice is something you'd like to see more of. Obviously I am not a professional, however, I have been through many different types of interviews and meetings in corporate offices and I would love to use these experiences to give you advice! Please vote below to let me know what you think :)