Why I'm Shifting My Focus

shifting focus and food freedom by au courant life

Lately I've been taking time to really think hard about what's important to me.

I will always be growing and changing. My opinions on certain topics shift, and my priorities in life change as well. Right now, my priority is self-love and self-improvement, and so naturally that is what I want to write about.

I went through a tough time while I was abroad.

After my tonsil surgery, I lost a lot of weight, and because of the standards around me and my past of body image issues, I liked what I saw. I was determined for a short time to keep up this unrealistic weight I had reached. Suddenly, Instagram, what I wore, and taking photos of myself became my priority. I felt myself slipping into old patterns, and friends showed concern for my newfound body as well.

I'm not perfect.

I think when someone has a platform where they claim to be an expert on certain topics, people automatically think they must live this perfect life. The truth is, nobody does, and no thanks to social media, it becomes very hard to remember the truth about people. We have to remember we're all humans just doing our best to survive.

Now I'm making my way back.

After realizing I had fallen into old ways, I was determined to come back to the strong and liberated person I once was. I knew I was in there somewhere.

Along my journey of recovering for a second time, I learned so much about myself. I almost felt like I had this sudden awakening where I realized I was living my life all wrong. My focus shifted away from social media, I began reading books again and listening to podcasts, and most importantly, feeding my body whatever it needed or wanted.

I wont lie, it was so difficult at first. Watching my body expand over time, worrying about what others might think. However, as I fed my body and as I watched myself grow, I was gaining love, empowerment, and appreciation for all the things my body can do. Through intuitive eating, I focused on honoring my hunger, giving my body whatever it craved, and basically recovering all over again.

As I am in the process of recovering again, I urge you to ask yourself if you are truly happy with how you treat your body.

Do you restrict your eating in fear of gaining weight? I know most people would argue that if we constantly allowed ourselves whatever we wanted that we would be overweight or unhealthy. The ironic part here is that the body only wants to overeat or have strong cravings if there is guilt associated with it.

In the future, I am excited to continue to write more about intuitive eating & the harm and sneakiness of diet culture. There is so much to say and so many people who suffer everyday because of it. 

If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me! I can't wait to dive into these topics with you.