10 Day Positivity Challenge

Life is a constant rollercoaster where nothing is ever perfectly balanced. In order to find more balance, you have to stay positive and make sure you are incorporating positive rituals into your everyday life. I decided to create a 10 day long positivity challenge to allow you to bring some balance and happiness into your life, and take the time to appreciate yourself. Self appreciation is the key to being successful in every aspect of life whether it's with your career, with staying healthy, and even with having healthy relationships with the people in your life. See if you can take the 10 day positivity challenge to better your life as a whole! Good Luck!

 Day 1: before going to sleep, say 3 things that you are thankful for

Day 2: write yourself a letter telling yourself all the things you are proud of

Day 3: stand in front of the mirror when you wake up and find 5 things you love about yourself

Day 4: learn a new technique or pick up a new hobbie

Day 5: give someone a compliment or tell them how much you appreciate them

Day 6: do a new workout you've never done before

Day 7: grab a sheet of paper and write any quotes or mantras that inspire you. Hang it in your room or in your closet, or keep it in your night table.

Day 8: do something fun with a friend or sibling

Day 9: make yourself a healthy meal or snack

Day 10: do your favorite thing: weather it's watching Netflix, playing games, hanging with friends, or taking a warm bath- do something just for you to reward yourself for how far you have come. Take this time to clear your mind and just appreciate life.